Corsica Tourism Board

“Explore the mountains in the morning and head to the beach in the afternoon”.
This could summarize Corsica’s endless possibilities in active nature discovery.

If you like mountains, you will love Corsica. It is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean with more than 100 peaks over 2 000 metres high. Everywhere you look you will see magnificent landscapes in a protected setting. In this abundance of nature, water is never far away.

For lovers of outdoor sports, canyoning is practised from mid- April to November, with canoeing, kayaking and rafting available from February to the end of May. If water is not your favourite element, why not take the opportunity to explore Corsica by paraglider or mountain bike?

Another way to explore the heights is walking and climbing. Beginners must be encouraged to join in; professional instructors are on hand to help you explore the most beautiful areas and will enjoy sharing their passion for the island with you. And if you definitely are in sea-based activities, Corsica is a paradise for anything like sailing, kitesurfing, scuba diving, windsurfing.