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Nice Côte d’Azur Airport now connected  to the very center of the city.
Since late June 2019, tram line 2 had provided optimum access to the city center from both terminals of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and a connection with line 1.

Then from this autumn, the tram will reach its terminus at the Port of Nice. It will then take 26 minutes to cross Nice from West to East and travel the 11 kilometers and 20 stations.
2,400 new trees were planted and artworks are already in place alongside the new track. By means of ground-based charging solutions, along with a storage system which uses super-capacitors on the roof of the tram, line 2 has no overhead wires.

Up to 200,000 travelers a day are anticipated; users whose way of using their personal vehicle will be completely changed. The new tram line will remove 20,000 cars a day from Nice.

Opening of the New “Gourmet Food Hall”
In the listed building which formerly housed the South Railway Station and looking over the typical Liberation market, a gourmet journey is offered, from Mediterranean flavours to world cuisine. The Gare du Sud, a trendy new venue where the people of Nice and visitors can share, 6 days a week, moments of pleasure and friendliness from more than 30 sellers of gourmet food and products.

Hotel news.
In 2020, Nice will have 800 additional rooms scheduled in the only area of the Airport / Arenas, which will be complemented by the development project of the Plaine du Var with a number of establishments around the new exhibition center and stadium Allianz Riviera. In the city center, some 436 additional rooms will be built.

More than 1,200 new rooms are expected by 2020 in the city of Nice!
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Tour de France Grand Départ.
The “Grand départ ” for the  107th edition of  Tour de France will start from Nice on the 27th of June 2020. It will be the second time that Nice hosts this event, 39 years after the first time.




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